One thought on “2014 rescued cats

  1. Where’s Dr. Colin Cambell? Is he under a rock? For over 20 years since he has sat on his throne in Trenton he has continuously looked the other way at the heinous obvious criminality at AHS. Too big to fail, or take them on? Hmm sounds familiar, Bear Sterns, Morgan Stanley, Bamk of America…Yet he will unlessh his wrath on a municipal worker who at tbe very least (trying their best without proper training ) and for the most miniscule error attempt to ruin his or her life by stripping them of their accreditation and parade them afoot for alm tbe world to see. Ok Doc what about AHS??? Wheres Dr. Cambell??? In too out of touch time to go! Say it with me and spread the word..Where’s Dr. Cambell???


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